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Originally Posted by fignae
That's a depressingly low number. It's even behind .hack//Roots, the oh-so boring anime I'm following only out of curiosity. Sigh. Asked because it seemed like a very bold choice on the production's part, and people who are watching fansubs are expressing disinterest, so I'm not sure if it's possible to suck in new fans after what I thought was a mindblowing episode 4. Ah well we'll see. Oh, and that should be "Love Get Chu", not "Game".
Yeah, it depresses me, too. Maybe Simoun will find an audience as time goes on, and as the DVDs are released. I remember that one of the cast referred to Simoun as an "experimental" show. It's not the first time that I've found myself in a drastic minority. My own opinion of Simoun is in my reviews of favorite new shows (link in sig).

Maybe the problem is that guys like SF and girls like relationships and too few people like both. As I said before, I tend to like SF by women, maybe because it does include more about relationships.

The name of that other anime is RabugetCHU Mirakuru Seiyuu Hakusho. I think rabuge is short for "Love Game". So I think the title means: "Love Game KISS Miracle Seiyuu White Paper." I have no idea what "white paper" means in this context, but I've seen it used this way before. That show is based on a cell-phone game. I just saw episode 4, and enjoyed it, but the show isn't really very good. I think the game company is called RabugetCHU (Love Game KISS).
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