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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
I remember that one of the cast referred to Simoun as an "experimental" show. It's not the first time that I've found myself in a drastic minority. My own opinion of Simoun is in my reviews of favorite new shows (link in sig).
I do believe I've read your review, and enjoyed it too. And hurray! I was hoping it would be experimental. This way the show's less likely to take a sudden nosedive into cliched conventions.

The name of that other anime is RabugetCHU Mirakuru Seiyuu Hakusho. Rabuge is short for "Love Game," I believe. I think the title means: "Love Game KISS Miracle Seiyuu White Paper." I have no idea what "white paper" means in this context, but I've seen it used this way before. That show is based on a cell-phone game. I just saw episode 4, and enjoyed it, but the show isn't really very good. I think the game company is called RabugetCHU (Love Game KISS).
I'm watching Rabuge for the portrayal of the hardships of being a seiyuu, though it isn't really showing much of that at present, heh. Thanks for the info on the title, and for the correction too! "Based on a cell-phone game" amuses me.
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