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Originally Posted by Zek
Actually he was completely right, as we saw when Sasuke actually made his appearance. All he has to do is glance at Naruto and use his little Sharingan trick to repress Kyuubi's chakra and the fight is over.
I think you are overestimating Sasuke's power here. The fight was no where over, because the fight didn't even begin. Naruto didn't even try to fight back. In real fighting situation Sasuke probably couldn't do jacksh*t to Kuybi giving power to Naruto. I think its safe to say sasuke can't really compress Kuyubi's chakra, that was just another stupid plothole created by kishi.

I'd gladly see Naruto beat the s*it out of Sasuke though, Sasuke has turned way too emo. "My family was killed brother boohoo....why I have no power..boohoo..." cry me a river.
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