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Originally Posted by Sankari
Oh please, don't you think this is just another excuse to make the naruto longer and longer, sucking up every little penny from the serie?

Anyone with half brain, knows that Naruto with 4 tail would definately destroy Sasuke! Giving steroids to sharingan is Kishi's hobby and he loves to use stupid things to make the serie longer. Sasuke stronger than 4 tail naruto? hah!
Well, If you see it that this plot was created because the author felt it could make him more money, go ahead believe that, I also believed this could be it, unfortuanlly, that doesn’t change what is its stated in the Manga.

BTW, Did you get to see how Sasuke sealed away Kyubys Chakra? I don’t know, but for know, I rather believe what the Manga states. Can you tell me where is the proof that shows that Kyuby 4 tails can defeat Sasuke?
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