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Originally Posted by Sankari
I have no proof of Naruto in 4-tail mode beating sasuke, but I don't see what happened in the manga as being sealing away Kyubis chakra either, that would be ridicilous and another stupid powerboost to Sharingan. I am however confident that Orochimaru is way above Sasuke's level, STILL. If Orochimaru had even smallest difficulty versus 4 tailed Naruto, is quite big indication that Sasuke has no room in the same room with 4-tailed Naruto. Only time will tell how it goes, but kishi needs to stop boosting Sharingan because its making the whole serie dumb. Soon it can launch nuclear missiles.

How things were stated earlier in the serie were in perfect balance, now, however its starting to get a bit ridicilous. The fillers already killed my interest in the anime, and I'll be damned if the same thing happens with the manga just because kishi is losing his mind.
Orochimaru had difficulties and his container body begun to haywire. We have not seen Sasuke fighting serious yet, nor do we know what kind of monster he could become at CS level 2, or even, God Forbids a Level 3 CS, So we canít tell what would happen If Sasuke Fights against Naruto 4T, but we do know that 4T its just a senseless mass of power.

Sasuke somehow Interacted wiht Kyuby and voided his influence-it seems to me that there is something about the Uchiha that can help then do this sort of things.

Look, it seems oyu are a bit frustrated by the constant power ups Sahringan gets, but we canít do nothing about it..Just accept it..Thatís all
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