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Originally Posted by Uchiha_Rurik
Look, it seems oyu are a bit frustrated by the constant power ups Sahringan gets, but we canít do nothing about it..Just accept it..Thatís all
I am frustrated with these because they are getting completely ridicilous. I was alright with all the stuff like MS and sensing every movement your opponent makes, but to compress Kyuubi chakra? Now you are taking it too far kishi. I don't think even Kishi himself planned to do this in the beginning but he made up something stupid once again to use as an excuse that naruto needs more training. He was training with Jiraya for 2,5 years and got nothing from it except being able to grow more tails, oh..alright. But 2,5 years for Sasuke suddenly makes him able to control Kyuubi? MAKES NO SENSE!

Naruto is getting stupid.
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