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Originally Posted by Spawnblade
Orochimaru said it could kill him.

Jiraiya almost died from it.
As a poison from Kankouro could Kill Orochimaru or Jiraiya also, this however does not indicate they could be defeated by them. Read the lasted chapters it’s obvious by now that Shinobies on the scale of Jioraiya or Orochimaru can fight head to head with something of with this power, and defeat it.

That alone is enough to say it could defeat Sasuke... care to know why Naruto doesn't try?

Once he hits four tails he doesn't remember a thing on what happens, he doesn't know he has that power. Not to mention he can't control it anyway.. If he could then he could kill/capture Sasuke, and Oro.

The reason he is training is so he has that power -without- resorting to Kyuubi... But as a Jinchurikii he can beat Sasuke.
He does know it as per Yamato observation, and you said exactly what I’m referring about, Naruto with 4T is more powerful than Sasuke, however, this is just a mindless mass of power attacking anything that surrounds it, No Tactics, No strategies.sort of like how Kisame has more power than Itachi, However Kisame is no Match for Itachi.

Sasuke have not even Shows you what he is capable of, not even at CS 2, Even higher level if the Author see fit, not to mention the sharingan that can now somehow enters Naruto subconscious Interact with Kyuby and suppress his influence as it seems.

Orochmaru was laughing at Naruto and his tails growth –which he is aware of before reaching the 4th- and Oro was saying that he still was not strong as Sasuke.
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