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Originally Posted by Sankari
Uchiha_Rurik: I don't think Orochimaru meant 4 tailed Naruto wasn't as strong as Sasuke, I only remember him wondering who would win, Naruto or Sasuke but if I recall correctly, this was before Naruto even transformed. I guess I'll go check the manga episodes out.
I’m referring he said he was stronger before the reaching the 4tails, he did wondered who could win of him and Naruto afterwards.

But I’m a little confused also, because now I’m not sure if he really said that Sasuke was stronger than him. I will look to it where I think I saw it ( I think it was when Naruto released the 3rd Tail).
Originally Posted by Jehuty
Well, Naruto did take on orochimaru, and pretty much beat the crap out of him were it not for Sakura and Yamato. I mean, this is orochimaru we're talking about.
Can you show me exactly where Naruto beat the Crap put of Orochimaru, because I really missed that part.
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