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Picturing LayfonxNaruki, something just seems kind of off.. It's hard to describe but yeah. Then again she just entered the fray sooo..

Not much is known about Lilin 'cept the childhood friend binding, and that she scored a touchdown before Layfon left Grendan. Need more details about her..

Nina is just gloomy atm, here comes "the new guy" who needless to say toys with her in the practice sparring match, at least that's how she sees it anyway. When he activates GAR mode and like rapes everything it blows her mind.

I guess to her Military Arts is serious business so it makes her when she sees Layfon not use any of the immense power he has, with him screwing around and all.
Spoiler for ep 6 scene:
The bar is set too high by Layfon and Nina is trying to chase it to no avail. This is getting in the way of a possible "friendly" relationship.

There's obviously something there in Felli but it's kind of difficult to see at least for now, she's slowly changing from her "I hate being used" to "if it's necessary" due to Layfon's influence but she comes with the "show no emotions" which is part of her class description.. Like all male leads, Layfon makes a great kicking bag.

Mei is just ehh.. Typical hero complex. The fact that she implodes every time she hears Layfon's name or sees Layfon is hurting her already low chance.

Layfon himself is just a really nice guy. He bags people just by doing favors. Sheesh.

About the fairy.. I don't even wanna know...

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So the ending song is sung with multiple version with each of the main heroines. which one do you think is the best? IMHO Felli was the best duet then Nina and finally Leerin
Same order for me too.. Something about Leerin/Lilin's full version seemed kind of.. off. Felli's was great though.
In the end, you just can't run away fast enough.

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