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Originally Posted by konart View Post
It was stated after that by the same ANN - there was NO announcement of any anime. And what's more - "code-geass-season-3" just sounds ridiculous, nobody is saying it will be R3 or reR2 or even NoN.

What we've got right now - is just a new project. Until the end of April - we won't know what it really is.

PS: and I'm telling you again: oooold news
I would like to that announcement then to verify if what you said is true or not. I'm not sure if you mean "Code-Geass-Season-3" as a title would sound ridiculous or a new series would be ridicious.. but if you mean a new season would be ridiculous then that is opion based, many people want a Code Geass R3.

PS: I don't remember you telling me even once this is old news. :P
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