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Junichi's best moments--really, the only moments in which I particularly liked him at all--were during the Kaoru arc when he was being supportive of her. I went cross-eyed and said "Good, Nar--Junichi, you look kind of cool."

Basically, so far, Junichi has been the guy that each girl deserves/is ready for. Haruka's off in la-la land, so she got the puppy love of a Junichi who isn't all there himself. Kaoru's maturing through a less-than-ideal family situation and supporting herself, so she gets a Junichi who is manning up and taking his first steps towards being an adult. Sae is a moe-blob, so she got a Junichi who is as likely to motorboat her as he is to talk to her.

I suspect that the remaining girls will get the same treatment.
If you've read Tsukasa's arc you wouldn't be saying that...
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