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Lets start out by saying Yukiatsu is pathetic .
I'm sure everyone agrees about that , i dont like his character. Of course , i knew he'd be the main source of drama . But hes a good add-on to the series.

I'm relatively sure that Menma's wish is for them to be happy even without her , that the erm... super peace busters(? , might have that wrong) will once protect peace (and what-not). But the way Yukiatsu is acting , thats kinda out of the question. It'd be hard to forgive that type of scene/act that he put on . Hes an outright(word?) douche bag.

I feel pretty close to the characters(mainly Jintan) already , which is extremely surprising to me.
I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of a good series , especially if they have me this interested in it lol.

I do believe that at some point others will actually see Menma as Jintan does.
I do see Yukiatsu being forgiven because Menma wants Jintan to forgive him.
I do see Yukiatsu still being portrayed as super-pathetic.
I don't see Jintan loving/liking Menma the current state she is in.

But, i do hope he can move on from such a tragic event and proceed to have some romantic connection with Anjou :/
Shes a fantastic character. Her actions and involvement in the series is definitely the boost of 'slice of life' that is needed in most anime .

(Just noticed this is sort of an overview of the 1-4 episodes , sorry.)
10/10 for Episode 4 .
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