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I disagree with you all.
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Lets start out by saying Yukiatsu is pathetic .
I'm sure everyone agrees about that , i dont like his character. Of course , i knew he'd be the main source of drama . But hes a good add-on to the series.

I'm relatively sure that Menma's wish is for them to be happy even without her , that the erm... super peace busters(? , might have that wrong) will once protect peace (and what-not). But the way Yukiatsu is acting , thats kinda out of the question. It'd be hard to forgive that type of scene/act that he put on . Hes an outright(word?) douche bag.
Nothing a punch in the face can't solve.

More seriously, Jinta of all people knows what it's like to be acting douchey because you're hurting. And all the others are pretty forgiving to start with. (Except maybe Poppo. He's rather easy-going, but we've never seen him angry to start with, so we can't say for sure if he's forgiving. Maybe it won't matter because he still won't be angry.)

So, no, forgiveness won't be much of an issue. But before that, getting Yukiatsu to stop acting like an ass, though? That might take some doing.
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