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LOL OWNED. Yea, I didn't think a grown man could pass for a loli very well either.

Tsurikko got some brownie points this episode for going several consecutive minutes without insulting people, and I have to find her deadpan tone "Your fly is open" to be hillarious. She also delivered some hillarious ownage when she outed the whole thing.

So the guy that ends up talking the most trash is the one that broke down the fastest. Well, everyone is insecure in their own ways, and frequently lies to themselves or others. But Yukkiatsu is the one running the biggest lie. But hey, if the myth of Menma can bring everyone back together is it really so bad?

Now, I really can't tell who's crazy anymore.

And Jintan, if you're not going back to school, you could at least get a haircut. Or do something else. But it's ok, maybe they all can push him out into the open once... slowly.

Rating: -0.5 points for showing Atsumu in all his glory, no matter how much he shaves. 9/10
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