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Crossdressing Menmatic
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Originally Posted by Deconstructor View Post
Time for some mass hyspeculah. Today - why I believe the "fake" Menma is Yukiatsu in disguise.

I am immediately suspicious of Yukiatsu, seemingly the most down-to-earth one of the group, to so readily and calmly claim he too has seen Menma's ghost. When Yukiatsu received a text from Poppo - the one who initally claims to have seen Menma's ghost - he didn't seem surprised at all. Instead, Yukiatsu smiles. We know Yukiatsu had a crush on Menma and hasn't quite gotten over her death. Yukiatsu has Menma's sundress in his closet - while not the right size, it leaves open the possibility of Yukiatsu crossdressing.
Still, the problem I noted in my original crack speculation post outlining why Yukiatsu is Menma still holds... wouldn't Menma's old sundress be too small for Yukiatsu to wear? Seeing as he has a perfect wig of Menma's hair, I guess it wouldn't be going too far to assume he's also tailored the sundress to fit his size. Still very, very creepy to think about Yukiatsu; Freud would have a field day with him. Crafty Tsuruko knew Yukiatsu was Menma all along. I wonder if her feelings for Yukiatsu still remain as well, or if she's gotten over him... probably better for her not to be interested in a cross-dressing clown. Expand Jinta's harem further!

Meh. I'm not sure what to say about episode 4. Overall, I think it's better than the first half of episode 1, but lacks the emotional impact I was hoping for. The story compensates for this by re-developing the bonds between Tsuruko, Jinta, and Anaru. I certainly didn't expect Tsuruko to visit Jinta, but I'm enjoying how each of the Super Peace Busters (ignoring Poppo) has a unique relationship with one another.

Episode 4 Rating: 8.5/10
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