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Fuck it, you know what? I'm going to be the first not to give Yukiatsu a hard time for his thing. Why exactly is he pathetic and Jinta isn't? Or Anaru, or Tsuruko, or Poppo for that matter?

Yukiatsu can't let go of Menma, so he develops crossdressing tendencies to affirm his self-image of being a pathetic loser. Jintan shuts himself in, becomes this chuunibyou character who thinks his school and society at large are no better than the zoo. Anaru distances herself from the life she had by drowning herself in mindless subculture, Tsuruko constantly embarrasses Yukiatsu for having feelings for Menma before her, so she's forced to hate her, thus can't forget her either. And Poppo... Poppo has been running away all this time, to different countries, for fuck's sake.

If Yukiatsu is such a pathetic guy, then I say the whole lot of them are the same. This show is about moving on, so I believe all of them will phase out of their pathetic states eventually. I'm pretty sure Yukiatsu's condition isn't so serious to call it a mental condition, and I see this revelation as an opportunity for reconciliation.
The thing is, while a lot of the others are only steps away at reaching the same point in their own psychological collapse, Yukiatsu is being a self righteous hypocrite, which suggests he is fully aware of what he is doing and not necessarily having an unconscious fallback to his problems. It would be a different thing if he wasn't so self-assured on his high horse towards Jinta in particular, but it's hard not to be pissed off at a character who claims to be a different creature than the rest when he himself seems to be the one who has fallen the lowest and damn near proud of it.
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