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Hellow, got a question today.

So I was reading, and the hero just say "Yate minakya wakaranai".
It was translated as "We won't know if we don't try"

But I thought that the "nakya" form was a way of saying "we have to do ..."
So strictly speaking, should that be translated as "we have do do it, or we won't know."?

Somehow I'm quite confused for the nakucha et nakya form, sometimes they add ikemasen or narimasen behind and that still hold the same meaning like :

Ikanakucha ! (According to what I learnt it's supposed to say "I have to go"))
Ikanakucha ikemasen ! ( According to translation, it still says "I have to go" but that simply feels wrong ... for me. I got this wrong or error somewhere ?)

Thanks for saving me again.
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