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Originally Posted by sneaker View Post
I think the problem is that "飛ばす" might not the correct or best verb in the first place as opposed to "飛ぶ".

According to Wictionary:
飛ばす to let fly; to send flying; to throw
飛ぶ to fly

So 飛んで(い)る should be correct.

Though says 飛ばす also means "to fly"...
"To fly" like in "to fly a kite" as in the definition:
1 空中を飛ぶようにする。「模型飛行機を―・す」「風船を―・す」
飛ぶ is indeed the correct verb for Dopplegeist's sentence.
Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
BTW when using を what comes after is the 他動詞 verb, or noun with verb phrase, not a single noun least I have never seen a single noun alone used with that particle
No, this is not always the case. を has multiple uses aside from the common direct object marking. See here.
Using the sentence above as an example I could say 空を飛んでいる and that would be fine despite 飛ぶ being an intransitive verb.
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