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From One Piece Wikia:

Hyakuhachi Pound Ho (百八煩悩(ポンド)鳳 Hyakuhachi Pondo Hō?, kanji meaning "Phoenix of the 108 Earthly Desires"; furigana meaning "108 Pound Phoenix/Cannon")

The attack's name is actually a very heavy pun it is written out as "Phoenix of the 108 Earthly Desires" in the manga with a skewed reading attached that makes it "108 Pound Hō" when read out. Ho means both "cannon" (砲 Hō?) and "phoenix" (鳳 Hō?), however the attached kanji is for "phoenix", making that the literal translation and the "cannon" reading a pun on that, both of which are correct. The "pound" part is a skewed reading of the kanji for "earthly desires" (煩悩 Bonnō?), and it is referring to the caliber of a cannon (a 108 Caliber Cannon would fire a 108 Pound Ball).
What is skewed reading? How can 煩悩 be pronounced ポンド? I don't see it.
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