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Hmm, i think BT is evil because it makes it too easy for ppl to get anime. Think about it, our little fansubbing society ruined by mass of pokemon and yugiyo fanboys, and (god forbit) new kids in your school ruining all the good anime by acting like idiots and mainstreaming it. BT should either stay complicated or die all together. If you dont believe me, take one look at anime we once loved, then hit toonami. See how it all of a sudden, started sucking. KEEP FANSUBBED ANIME UNDERGROUND, i say.
Also if fansubs get too popular, we could get some negative attention from those damn copyright ppl. Maybe cause the japanese companys to get pissed and come here and sue or something. Then we must say goodbye to fansubs, and say hello to wonderful dubbed anime networks that fill the tvs and kill our dreams.

...or something along those lines...

Although i have said all this, BT is great. Too bad its too easy for ppl to use, maybe they should make it hex or binary so we all have to code the last part of proggy to make it work..... ok now im just talking shit.
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