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Originally Posted by aquilus
BitTorrent is an example of applied socialism ... which is a good thing, until people realize that they donīt *have* to share.
That's Stalinist communism, not socialism... BitTorrent is applied socialism, and it works because those who don't share get nothing.

Originally Posted by Neko no Makai
Hmm, i think BT is evil because it makes it too easy for ppl to get anime. Think about it, our little fansubbing society ruined by mass of pokemon and yugiyo fanboys, and (god forbit) new kids in your school ruining all the good anime by acting like idiots and mainstreaming it. BT should either stay complicated or die all together. If you dont believe me, take one look at anime we once loved, then hit toonami. See how it all of a sudden, started sucking. KEEP FANSUBBED ANIME UNDERGROUND, i say.
That post is sarcasm, right? It's hard to tell.

Make your sarcasm more obvious, like this:

"BT is evil, spreading anime to everyone who wants it rather than those who are In ThE kNoW! We're the elite people in the unofficial cartoon subtitling SCENE, and we need to keep our l33t warez underground! Fight the man! Yo yo yo homey G dog."
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