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Lol, I just don't understand why people these days in society have the tendency to stereotype certain viewing materials by age groups. I mean anime for one, is usually viewed upon by other people differently. I just think it's a matter of respectability for the person, a view of understanding, and whatever interests the person that watches anime, just leave them alone. In my opinion, I think anime is so much far better than the cartoons we have today in America. Not to be categorizing or anything, but usually the cartoons of America have turned into a more comical sense, hence, Family Guy, Futurama, and Robot Chicken. On the other hand, Anime can portray all these characteristics while inputting another genre at the same time. Thus, the product being Romance/Ecchi/Comedy or something more like Romance/Tragedy/Comedy. There are many combinations of these genres that exist within Anime in today's society. That's why I think Anime is artistically beautiful, not just by the drawings, but by the intrinsic story plot lines they develop.
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