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Some Zutarians still won't shut up...
Oh god, you brought something up I almost forget...
"That was a hint! They're totally in love!! TYING SOMEONE TO A TREE IS THE BEST SIGN OF AFFECTION!"
I have nothing against Zutara or Zutarians but those who said it was completely canon were annoying as hell.

Back to the topic movie.
It was alright I guess. I awaited a bit of better plot (seriously there were holes! obvious holes) and something that wasn't so predictable. The score the best in my opinion. The way Rukia fighted in the end looked nice and the rematch Renji/ichi was also good. The end wasn't really sad (only the Kon crying for Rukia was emotional) The animation was nothing groundbreaking...and Rukia's eyes were to huge. I mean...I felt like they were starring into my soul *shudders*

I have a question what is the name of the remix of Number One played during Renji's bankai release and on which soundtrack is it? (Looked into Movie soundtrack but didn't find it) Please don't tell me won't get that version again. I'm still sad about the fact we wil never get the instrumental version
Thanks for the Signature, Vandakiara

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