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Originally Posted by Hellychan View Post
On another note, I remember someone mentionned it before, concerning the title of the movie:
"Fade to Black" would be refering to Rukia returning back to being a shinigami after Ichigo pierced her with his zanpakutou (as shown by the return of her Black shinigami robe).
This is constrasting with "Bleach" which was the starting point of the series, and when Rukia gave her shinigami power to Ichigo by piercing him with her zanpakutou (and remained with her White/"Bleached" robe)...I find it quite meaningful...well just saying
the title might have felt more meaningful before kubo explained how he got the title for bleach... the whole 'i didn't want black so i picked white, but white is boring so i picked bleach' thing...

Originally Posted by sayde View Post
He came to Soul Society the same way Ichigo did. Urahara has his own secret Senkai gate.
except he couldn't use that gate. it zapped him when he tried after sending ichigo and company through.

Originally Posted by sayde View Post
It's possible that might've been the case had central 46 gotten the opportunity to properly carry Urahara's sentence. But that's not the case. Besides, even if for whatever reason it wasn't possible for Urahara to step foot back in SS, I doubt it would matter for long. Urahara a scientist afterall. Coming up with ways around stuff like this is probably second nature to him by now.
why wouldn't they have been able to carry out the sentence? it happened 100 years ago.
hell, they even flat out acknowledged that he shouldn't have been able to be there then promptly handwaved it with urahara saying "i've always know how but i'm not gonna tell you NEENER NEENER!"

It's called Byakuya's Warp! xD
looked more like a Byakuya Blender to me
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