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Most of what I have to say has been said in the other overall series thread, so my general impression of the series hasn't changed much--no need to write a full review here. What I did like was that the middle 2 OVAs shows more to Kyousuke's character and that Kuroneko is pointing out his obsession with his sister is affecting his judgement. And of course, some more interaction with Kuroneko is always a good thing, as we can see her being antisocial at school really shows why she acts out like that in the main series. With Kyousuke helping her out at school it really improved her ability to face RL. It gave the already awesome character of Kuroneko a great boost.

The character of Sena Akagi, while extremely emotionally scarring, is a good addition to the series, and her funny otaku behavior suggests that she might have been better off as the titular Imouto....

Unfortunately, the ending was too half assed and indecisive to really give the series any real punch. We have sort of a confession, and sort of a return to the status quo. OMG I REALLY CARE ABOUT KIRINO, and suddenly Kyousuke becomes a sandbag because the plot demands it. We never learn why he's obsessed, besides maybe he's a siscon.

It kinda funny though, since Kirino actually didn't cause any damage at all in these ovas, it's her brother with the endless meaningless matyr act that causes the story to stagnate and fail to come to any meaningful point.

2nd season? With such a weak lead in, I probably won't be interested, we'll see.

Overall, I rank this as a 6.5, but it can be rounded to 7. It had some improvements which helped, but it's still the same show.

P.S. It's ok if Kyousuke wants to ignore Kuroneko for his sister. She can join me and we can hate together!
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