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The true route... of course definitely better than the other ending, 12.a

The thing I can't really believe that Kyosuke would say
Spoiler for Episode 15 - What Kyosuke said:

The world is full of mystery huh, but it's just cute for this Ore Imo.

Story is just cute and full of surprises.. with t-suuun~ , so I'll give a serious rate of 9/10
This anime might be not for those who are more toward actions anime, but overall it's really great, funny comedy, with some complexes.

Siscon? Senpai-Kouhai relationship? Megane-Fetish? Normally it's weird but this one in oreImo is just perfectly cute on those aspect.

Kirino x Kyosuke x Kuroneko, huh... not bad

I would hope for a season two, or more detailed continuation on manga.
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