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Originally Posted by DoktorFunk View Post
Totally looking forward to trying a 07th expansion novel with this ADV style I'm just now hearing of, although it seems like more of a eye strain than a VN.
The text size looks about the same, but since the text box is smaller, less text can fit inside, resulting in having to click a lot more frequently to advance text. I personally just use automode instead.

It'd probably be more difficult for Witch Hunt though, since they'd have to ensure their translation fits into the text box.

EDIT: Rose Guns Days website has been completely updated with glorious Adobe Flash(!)

EDIT2: If anyone's interested, I ripped the files from the website, so you can download the images and stuff here. I also put up some of the images in web format here, but Tumblr is silly and didn't convert the images correctly, so they look quite bad, plus I couldn't sort the images in the right order. Ah well…

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