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Originally Posted by AnimeFangirl View Post
This will probably change as the roster increases and as mediocre units like Yoimiya continue to be released. Those who pull for waifus and husbandos will not be deterred, but those who already have solid teams will wait for others to pull and test characters first.
Well, yeah; this was going to happen anyway. Gacha games always have new players joining, in addition to those pulling for their favorites, but over time people start waiting for tier lists to know who the essential units are. And in this game, given that the banner period is so long, there's a lot less pressure than some other gacha games (where a limited banner may only appear for a few days and then is gone for 6+ months).

Originally Posted by GDB View Post
Reminder that Ayaka had absolutely zero hype from mihoyo beyond the one image they released early/mid version 1.5. The entirety of her hype came from early CBT leaks.
The CBT was never under NDA -- people were expressly allowed to stream it. They explicitly acknowledged the community's existing hype for her when they showed off the character in the live stream.

It's not like they don't understand the value of hype. But that doesn't mean that people who sign a contract can decide on their own when it's fine to break it.

Originally Posted by dragon1412 View Post
If they don't want leaks, they can simply opt to choose internal beta testers, but they decided to cut cost and gone to public for testers, so from where I see it, they should have expect leaks coming with their choice.
It's not like they don't have internal QA -- they absolutely do. But it's still valuable to have input from players as well, because they give different kind of feedback than internal or contracted teams would give and can give a preview of the market reaction for things.

And I'm sure they expected "some" leaks. But that doesn't mean they're going to be okay with it when it goes too far, many people are breaking their contracts all the time, and entire websites are making good money profiting off it. There's a limit to how much they're willing to look the other way, and I don't see how that's at all surprising. It may well be that the end-effect of all this is to change the beta program and limit what they can see/test, but I really don't think that benefits either them or the playerbase.
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