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Opps i forgot quite a few animes in there O.O
I've seen Air, even though it wasn't a good ending, i was satisfied =)
Hmmm... i think i'll try Elemental Gelade, i've seen Kaze no Stigma now that u've mentioned it.

I've seen The World God only Knows 1 + 2, i think i put the japanese title down in the list (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai).
I didn't really like the animation of Kimi ni Todoke or Kare Kano, i think i'll start on To Heart for now =)
Mashiroiro Symphony looks good btw ^.^ I'll probs watch it after its finished.

As for Angel Beats, it was AMAZING!!! i rekon i'd actually rate it in my top 20 animes i've seen xD

Oh man... now that I go over i remember quite a list of animes that i haven't listed down there yet =S
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