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Omg <3 u guys =D
So many animesssss =)

I started watching REC and Nodame Cantibile, but didnt really like it =S
O.O The graphics for Kimi ni Todoke look kinda ok. I'm surprised. I guess i'll watch it too. Yeh my friend told me to try it but i kept declining her =P so i guess i'll try now.

Madoka Magica is a new series so i'm gonna watch that
I've seen the FMPs, I never got to finish Onegai twins and Onegai teacher O.O don't know why but lol, i'll finish them. Gunparade March looks good =)

Whats your opinion on Spice and Wolf? O.O read the summary a bit but didn't really appeal to me, so i'm on the 50/50 line of not knowing whether to watch it or not.
The last 2 are new so i'll watch em

Thnx guys for ur suggestions, all others are welcome
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