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Originally Posted by A_AQUARE View Post
Meiaminkbell.... okay, my bad..... when someone writes like that it does'nt mean that my english suck and i did't get the name right because i did not care to remember ok? well.... its just that i'm kind of busy... thats why i got a warning once for not putting on spoilers(check it yourself... if you don't belive me...) but then, Meiaminkbell now here's the question, did you or did you not like that crap(which i threw out the window)? Oh, could you give me a summary of that junk(or did you like it instead?) put in under spoilers....... now back 2 my bsy handwritin... thanks 4 the compliment thou, i gotta stat changin, if i have the time... Then gain its kinda nice 2 know that someone else knew bout it....
I'm just going to skip over the obvious and go straight to your question.

I've never seen Misaki Chronicles, but I have seen the first part of Divergence Eve and I have to say that I was interested in it. it had a very dark, recurring theme and wish I had the money to finish it. One of those examples of shows where large chests aren't the only thing that matter.

I'll pick up Misaki Chronicles after I finish the regular show.
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