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Originally Posted by Renegade334 View Post
Sorry for the belated answer but I was abroad for a painful while. I'm still trying to recover my old lifestyle and erstwhile habits...

To answer your question: it doesn't really matter to me if you use it on a forum other than Animesuki - after all, it's made by a user for users, with the only request issued being that the taker didn't rip or take credit. What and where you use it is completely left to your convenience and discretion. However, take care that it doesn't go over the said other forums' sig size limits.

Anyway, this thing took its time coming, especially since I've taken a (long) break from PS. Habits take their time coming back.

Dimensions: 450x150 pixels.
Weight: 48.153kb.
To keep under the 50kb bar, I suggest keeping the Imageshack link instead of using Photobucket (I'm speaking from experience).

Additional terms of usage:
Do not rip, do not claim as your own work. And as I always say, you do not need to ask my permission to get dibs on the sig. Just TELL the others you're taking it.
Soo cute!!
I'll be using this for awhile
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