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Originally Posted by Hiro Hayase View Post
Since not many people are responding to Kinji and Reki's, I guess I'll play the devil's advocate.

On Kinji: Well just think about it from Kinji's shoes. He's being pushed around by all these fierce girls and so his stress levels would build up eventually. Aria isn't blameless either, seeing as she's the descendent of Sherlock, those numerous misunderstandings are getting annoying after a few volumes. Kinji is a misogynist, plus his experiences in middle school when he was dealing with girls gave him a bit of a trauma. So Kinji naturally doesn't wish to go into HSS anymore and moreover doesn't want girls taking advantage of him again, therefore he keeps HSS a secret from most of the girls.

It seems to me that Kinji's frustrations arise from his inferiority towards HSS Kinji. Most of his friends and comrades-in-arms look up to HSS Kinji, while most people usually never acknowledge the normal Kinji, with the of exception Reki. Perhaps, the expectations that people have for Kinji is weighing down on him so harshly that he became indifferent and stopped desiring to become an 'ally of justice' anymore.

Although, Kinji's goal is to transfer to normal high school and live an ordinary life, Kinji hasn't thought that far ahead about what he's doing afterwards. Well Reki will just end up following him anyways lol.

Yes, that is the basic formula in almost every novel, Kinji and Aria have a fallout, then an enemy attacks them. This must be a sign that Kinji and Aria just aren't meant to be together lol. Your frustration with Kinji will be alleviated with volume 7 hopefully.

On Reki: If you read volume 7 after its translated, then you will understand Reki's character and intentions more. Reki's body may be that of teenager, but her mind is that of a child's, you can't blame her for that. She does have a bit of individuality though, Reki stated in the epilogue of volume 6 that she was truthfully very glad to be engaged with Kinji, enjoyed shopping and having fun with him. She confessed a bit of her feelings there. After hanging out with Kinji, 'emotions' started blossoming inside Reki.

On Jeanne: Although Jeanne doesn't dislike Kinji, there were a few blushing and awkward scenes between the two. She also wears a maid outfit in volume 8, you can see it in the illustrations I think. Well the light novels haven't fully revealed Jeanne's background story that much, so its too early to say. The reason why I like Jeanne is because she's so blunt and truthful lol. It really doesn't matter to me if she's part of the harem or not, she will still be Jeanne. You people are over thinking this.

P.S. If there is one thing that I learned from HnA, it is to never judge a character prematurely. The characters have their reasons for behaving the way they do, including the villains/enemies. For example, I completely misjudged Riko's character before hearing her background story and what she's been though. There's always two sides to a story.

P.S.S. Don't post flamebaits. You know better.

P.S.S.S. That was tiring to write. Small posts are nice.
TRUTH. you cant blame kinji for it all tho, since he's trying so hard to avert from women but strangely, the women are domineering and coming for him. maybe this is the charisma that a teacher of his assessed him with, given the fact that right now he has just TWO male friends and lets see, umm... EIGHT girls.. inb4 shiranui turns into the dark side and reveals he be into homo
lets roll
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