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Yes I've heard all this already; but that's not the issue- Kinji didn't lash out in frustration and spite in a moment of impulse; he did it with a purpose in mind- he wanted in inflict pain to Aria to push her away- Sounds dramatic? Maybe, but Kinji said those things to Aria because he's trying to break contact with her, to avoid having anymore memories of her and justified it by saying that he's doing this for her sake.

And this is not the first time Kinji intentionally struck back at Aria, he's been hitting her below the belt since vol 1 and vol 2.
Isn't it because the super idiot already knows the ending. And it's a bad ending. The relationship of those 2 will end by the current school year. Aria will go back to London and Kinji will quit being a butei and the super idiot is dead set on quitting. Aria even ask Kinji that he could come with her to London but the super^100000000 idiot said he will still quit ( pressing my index finger on my forehead) his dead set on it that he even ignore his feelings or does he even have feelings for Aria? there are hints but still no improvement. (pressing my finger now hard on my temple ....<.< )

I like his interaction more with the none harem girls than with the harem girls. His more friendly with Jeanne that's why she's the best second is Reki. Despite being a part of his harem. Kinji treasures that girl like she's a national treasure because she doesn't give him much trouble except for a 24/7 sniping problem super stalker.

Riko I think could be the best for him. If she is more honest about her feelings. I just like her the best!!!! Normal Riko is the best . Flirtatious Riko is the best playmate and Hysteria Riko is your doomsday Though I think a dere Riko will meltdown even an idiot
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