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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Flamebait? Oh nonono, I simply wanted to learn if I've been missing out on something regarding my analysis on Kinji and Reki, it never hurts to learn
It must have been my misunderstanding then. Although that line of yours "Where are all the indignant fans" seemed to have been like an invitation for flaming, but it looks like you edited it out. That's good.

Yes I've heard all this already; but that's not the issue- Kinji didn't lash out in frustration and spite in a moment of impulse; he did it with a purpose in mind- he wanted in inflict pain to Aria to push her away- Sounds dramatic? Maybe, but Kinji said those things to Aria because he's trying to break contact with her, to avoid having anymore memories of her and justified it by saying that he's doing this for her sake.

And this is not the first time Kinji intentionally struck back at Aria, he's been hitting her below the belt since vol 1 and vol 2.
If I was in Kinji's position and a bossy girl like Aria started controlling my life and randomly firing her guns on me, I would hold a small grudge against her. Although its very spiteful of me to do so, I would take every opportunity that's presented to me to extract a bit of revenge on the said person.

Whenever Kinji and Aria get into an argument, Kinji always starts remembering the times when Aria wronged and becomes even more enraged, it eventually reaches a boiling point and the fallout happens.

It was supposed to have been alleviated back vol 5 =_=

The problem this time is after all that crap of putting his life on the line to save Aria from EU, and even before that when he could have let her go after the plan hijacking scene, he just decided that he doesn't want to be with her?!
Kinji is probably denying his feelings, its hinted in the light novel that he has feelings for Aria to a degree. Perhaps, for Kinji it is easier to forget Aria's existence than saying goodbye. It's almost like Kinji and Aria are like Tsundere's lol.

I have no doubt that Reki has feelings and emotions, but I'm pointing out that she was willing to kill a friend, or at least someone who views her as a friend, because the [Wind] ordered her to. It could just as easily had been Kinji on the chopping board, even if she likes him, her emotions takes second place to the [Wind].
Reki would probably hesitate if she was ordered to kill Kinji, since he's the first one who opened her heart. Furthermore, she already sworn fealty to him, so its highly unlikely now. The [Wind] is actually the Azure Irokane. Btw your assessment of Reki is almost the same as Kinji's!

Reki has already killed people before, she doesn't understand what's right from wrong yet. Her emotions and character development is only just beginning.

I'm willing to let Reki explain herself, this being her story arc after all, but I can't look past how easily she could turn on a friend, or at least someone who had considered her a friend.

Kinji on the other hand, I had given him six volumes already; he had two chances to let Aria go, and now that he's got her back, he suddenly doesn't want her? Talk about a heartbreaker and woman player.
Umm, didn't you already complain about Kinji twice in your above sentences...? Either Kinji's being tsun about Aria, or he's just reverting back to his former cold character. Before Aria showed up, Kinji was a cold and loner type of character, who seldom opened his heart to anyone, including his fellow butei.

That fallout situation could have easily been avoided, if Aria wasn't as prideful and more honest about her feelings. Although Kinji is stubborn too, but you can't blame it all on him. If he goes with Aria, then his goal of a normal life would be annulled permanently. Majority of people would hate having guns or swords pointed to their throats on daily basis, so I can't blame Kinji if he wants to stay where he is lol. Besides Kinji can't speak English, so how is he supposed to go with Aria? Aria speaks about 14 different languages.

People can't change that easily.

P.S. It's nice seeing an opposing viewpoint every once in awhile.

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