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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Isn't it because the super idiot already knows the ending. And it's a bad ending. The relationship of those 2 will end by the current school year. Aria will go back to London and Kinji will quit being a butei and the super idiot is dead set on quitting. Aria even ask Kinji that he could come with her to London but the super^100000000 idiot said he will still quit ( pressing my index finger on my forehead) his dead set on it that he even ignore his feelings or does he even have feelings for Aria? there are hints but still no improvement. (pressing my finger now hard on my temple ....<.< )
He had two chances to let her go, first time was after the plane hijack, I didn't read that volume but the gist is that he still decided to be her partner- That was his choice, nobody forced him. Later in Vol 4 after they went on a date, he told Aria that even though he would leave next year-

"Your mission must be resolved completely.'Before April of next year, I am still a Butei...and before that, I cannot go against any articles of Butei Law. And also, as a person, I cannot go against my own word. So until we completely resolve the matter with EU, I will always remain by your side."
And then onboard the Vostok, when he uttered those sweet words to Aria, making her forsake her Great grandfather for him...


"Aria. So what if I'm in a team with you? That kind of team, about to split and part their own ways, is meaningless."

You are going to disappear. From my side.

Since that is the case, do not try to leave any lingering memories.

"It doesn't really matter, does it? Fighting together with you was a thing of the past. Now--"

Would he freaking make up his mind?! Is this how he's going to be everytime he gets into a stressful situation?! How many times is he going to play with her?!
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