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I have no doubt that Reki has feelings and emotions, but I'm pointing out that she was willing to kill a friend, or at least someone who views her as a friend, because the [Wind] ordered her to. It could just as easily had been Kinji on the chopping board, even if she likes him, her emotions takes second place to the [Wind].
Like the others have said, he is her husband now, ok it is not like he has a choice but still...

I'm willing to let Reki explain herself, this being her story arc after all, but I can't look past how easily she could turn on a friend, or at least someone who had considered her a friend.
From what I see so far, there isnt any hint in the novel to suggest that Reki sees Aria as a friend. So I dont see any problem with Reki goes for the kill when Aria strikes her first (if I am not mistake). Also, the novel suggests that she has killed before over sea. Furthermore, when they fought Patra, Reki did not hesitate to shoot through her head (I dont think the novel says whether Reki knows that is a clone or not), and she also asked if she could shoot to kill Cao Cao when they fought in the woods. So I dont think Reki gives a damn about the "not kill" part of the butei law and just retaliated with full force to annihilate the enemy as efficient as possible.

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second is Reki. Despite being a part of his harem. Kinji treasures that girl like she's a national treasure because she doesn't give him much trouble except for a 24/7 sniping problem super stalker.
I beg to differ. Even Kinji said that she is the most dangerous girl to him in both hysteria and normal mode due to her snipping skill and her indifference of showing her naked body or panty or that smooth white shoulder or...Heck, she is the first one to suggest having children with him (Shirayuki's notes dont count ).

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And then onboard the Vostok, when he uttered those sweet words to Aria, making her forsake her Great grandfather for him...

Didnt he say it in the special hysteria mode? does that even count as his true feeling?
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