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Hell, even I don't give a damn about the "not kill" part But it says alot about the person if he or she is willing to turn on someone that had treated him/her well. And yes, I know, her emotions and thinkings isn't developed, but that also makes her even more dangerous and unpredictable.
The novel may said that Aria gets along well with Reki but we dont know about how Reki feels about Aria. . Well if it was me, and I didnt want to make friend then I would just tell that person to go away, but this is Reki we are talking about. From the way she communicates with Kinji, I can just picture Aria all cheerfully talks to Reki and Reki replies in a monotone voice without any feeling whatsoever like a robot (pun intend). I mean, Reki may just saw Aria as a client, nothing more nothing less. So I dont see any problem if she goes for the kill when they have conflict. It is not like Reki tries to get close to Aria to get benefits and then turns on her.

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That's why it seems to me that the ririirokane and perhaps irokane in general are a taint. I mean they aren't inherently evil and all being just mystic metal of unknown origin but their effects are like plutonium and ionizing radiation.
So the irokane that Shirayuki possess is yandereirokane? and Tsudereirokane for Aria just for shit and gigle
Seriously though, has they mentioned the name of the irokane of the Hotogi? I dont remember seeing it.

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