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We do not know how Aria and Reki interact with each other. Saying Aria treats her well ot they go to shop, eat, play, is just a theory.

Aria thinks of Reki as a friend because her abilities are enough to isolate her. And Reki has abilities that match Aria so in that sense she feels close to Reki.

"The Wind" said Arias is danger for Kinji. What do you do in this case, you drive the danger away. If that isnt enough this means the problem has to be taken care. And for Reki it means a definitive end.

We do not know in which moment Reki felt close to Kinji but we do Know that this could have been before the novel started. Besides that a person treats you well doesnt mean I will love this person. Sometimes there are pheromones, Status and all kinds of stuff that causes chances for love to bloom.

Kinji hasnt broke any promise that he has made, (except in vol 2 when he was a jerk). Let me remind you a night before he was going to tell Aria about HSS before being interrupted by Reki. Kinji is afraid of a lot of things, and to just simply forget that fear isnt simple. since the beggining he said Until we end with EU and im going to transfer as soon as possible. He was in the verge of dead before.

In the train they dont talk about him they talk about Histeria Kinji. And he doesnt identify himself with his Histeria self.
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