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Originally Posted by Flame Haze View Post
Well, even though I like Yozora, I can sorta see where you're coming from. If this happened in real life, then, yes, Yozora would be a pretty cruel person, but since this is comedy, her actions aren't meant to be taken seriously most of the time, imo. Some tsunderes punch and kick their love interests , but the love interest becomes unscathed a moment later most of the time. It's just exaggerated for the sake of entertainment. Same with Yozora. Not trying to change your mind about her or anything, but this is how I see it.
You know, you would be amazed by how many people don't understand something simple like that.

Anyways, I like Yozora, even though I prefer Sena.

Yozora may be a bitch, but she's an entertaining bitch, that's for sure.

I actually have a friend that's like Yozora in RL. Though she has a bad reputation that she probably does deserve, I hang with her because when she isn't being a bitch, she's a nice person, and even when she is being bitchy, she's very entertaining and fun. I won't deny that she pisses me off, on the occasion that she's gets upset with me for whatever, but I can deal.

Yozora really reminds me of her, so maybe I'm bias.

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