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Wow, why such hate?

PS family got it's share of shitty anime game but at same time it also had some great anime games, just like every other system. Personally I rather see the game on PS3 platform because 360 was ans still is a dead system in Japan and Asia and Wii was getting killed on software sell (worldwide) despite it's lead market share on hardware.

As for your idea of RPG, while it does sound cool, the problem is I have never seen an anime-based RPG that was ever good with exception of a DBZ RPG back way on FC that was card-based. But that game was just a re-use of Freeza Saga and was fairly short. Other than that only SRW series can be consider good, but that's not really RPG per se.

I also don't know what problem you have with cell shading, it's great format when done right. And I find it kind of funny that you have problem with side-stories in action/adventure type anime game, yet you want original storyline? Aren't they the same filler-craps? I mean really, when you are asking for original storyline what you are actually doing if say to them "I want some filler crap storyline served on silver RPG platter!!!"

The biggest reason for that is when you deviates from the canon story in anime games, you are facing with tons of problems. No new special moves, need large enough story to fill a typical RPG, no real endings, just to name a few. Seriously, can you actually think of any scenario that an OP RPG with original story will come out good? To use your own word, and OP RPG with original storyline would just be One Piece Adventure WITHOUT any action.

I rather have my hack-'n-slash game mix-in with some "what-if" missions that I know will be at least fun to play and entertaining.

And while you sounded pissed about the Unlimited games as well, guess what both game did quite well in Japan that warrants re-release and even re-make on 3DS. They are also rated pretty good comparatively in Japanese and Chinese gaming sites...

Lastly, Koei is usually pretty good with making cut scenes so there is your animation, which reminds me. If you are looking for original contents, why are you also asking for actual anime footage? If they use those, the game won't be original anymore would it...

You don't have to have be hyped for the games, but at least bring something more than system and genre bias if you are gong to kick it down the toilet...

EDIT: Can't believe I just type this much for this....

EDIT 2: IGN announced its coverage on TGS next week. Since Namco-Bandai is the larger of the two company and the license holder I assume the game will be announce during Namco-Bandai event wil Tecmo-Koei people join in. In that case IGN is slot NB event at 10PM, PST or noon at local time.

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