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Originally Posted by blitz1/2 View Post
Would Ichika meet Kanzashi this quickly into the story?
I forget about separating the tag, sorry. Chapter 6 is all about Ling's introduction, meanwhile Madoka reaction is overall sight for entire story.

Blitz, you certainly forgot our plan about *BANG* *KA BLAM* *WHRRRRRRRR* *KA-CHINK* *PSHAAA!* *KLANG!* *WHOOOSH* in *Bleep* and *bleep*, hence Madoka's reaction would be "Kanzashi? Who the hell is Kanzashi?"

Me thinking Char as Yamaguchi Kappei and Laura as Tomoyo and Houki as Ryou and Ling as *HEADSHOT!*

DAMN IT! The thread derailed again,

ZeroXSEED kicked himself out, it's super effective!
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