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Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
@Blitz1/2- hopefully volume 8 and 9 wont be the same old "90% harem comedy, tournament that gets interuppted, character does something awesome" rinse and reapeat. It gets old after a while and I'm beggining to worry about IS academy's security considering every tournament they host get attacked.
1. I'll follow the Canon storyline closely up to Gospel except kicking Char and Laura out of Harem (and pair them) thus while keeping important plotpoint like VT system rampage and Gospel Incident, the overall story is different.

2. Making few filler chapters during the course of V4 about the world's Geopolitical and socio-economical state after the invention of IS (especially Japan) using Gotandas as main character/ narrators instead of WHOPPING USELESS Harem plot (though I'll still write them if only for twincest scenes).

3. No plans for V5 yet (because it's haven't been translated) but I and blitz discussing and Idea of making the story darker starting this one...
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