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Originally Posted by RegalStar View Post
With these contests, it's not about how important characters are in their series, it's about how popular they are.
What I meant by my comment to you about Yuri is "What made Angel Beats! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya popular in the first place?"

One would imagine that the main character at least played a role in the show's popularity in the first place. So if Haruhi benefits from the popularity of her anime, then that's simply to be expected, imo. It would be like Goku benefiting from the popularity of DBZ, or Ash Ketchum benefiting from the popularity of Pokemon. Of course he does, and he should; he's the main character!

Disregarding that I think Kanade is more of a main character in AB than Yuri is,
Kanade's not. Yuri is every bit as much a main character in AB as Kanade is.
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