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Nova division is already a weak enough division as it is. Making Nova only the new girls of each year would only amplify that. If that is ever done, then Nova should never meet up with Stella during single elimination(instead, each division should have their own individual single elimination and tiara), as they're just going to get raped by stella, anyways...And it's kind of like a free pass to single elimination for some Nova girls who didn't really deserve it, because many other Stella girls are stronger then them...yet because Stella is a much tougher division, it takes a lot more strength to make single elimination.

And I don't really agree with the notion that characters get stronger after participating in ISML for a year. Statistics show that most characters only continue to get weaker. They are generally at their strongest during their first year of participation...Barring there isn't a huge demographic shift or one of the characters has a sequel for their series.
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