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Originally Posted by ultimatemegax View Post
If it was anyone but Aniplex/A-1 Pictures, you'd be right to be concerned, but there's no reason to fear. A-1 is Aniplex's contracting studio they give big projects to. My thought is that AIC Build will be busy working on Haganai until mid-March and wouldn't be able to begin pre-production on Oreimo until then, which would be too late for a Spring start date. By using A-1, they can keep the main staff (like relentlessflame mentions above) while using their contract staff to draw the key animation/in-between/backgrounds. It's not going to have a big effect.
Well I'm not exactly worried, just really really surprised that even big name franchises can change hands.

But if it's like what Relentless said- that's A-1 could possibly just be handling administrative work, then I guess this really isn't that big of a deal as I thought.
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