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Ummm, not really... The key animation is done there and they outsource the IB's and the BG art... If they could do the IB , they'll do it themselves (e.g. kyoani)
I'm under the impression, anyway, that a lot of the key work is outsourced too, and/or people are brought in specifically to work on projects but don't work there permanently. But I'm not sure how many full-time staff (or contract workers) they retain permanently at the moment; in the past it wasn't very many, in any case. (This would be unlike studios like KyoAni that have a relatively fixed talent pool, not a lot of outsourcing, and tend to do almost everything internally.) Perhaps things have changed, though.

In either case, with the same key staff, I think there's a good chance that the same tone and general presentation will be preserved, along with the same general look for the character designs, etc.
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