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Ummm, not really... The key animation is done there and they outsource the IB's and the BG art... If they could do the IB , they'll do it themselves (e.g. kyoani)

But having A1 do this really worries me, for me A1 has been off this season... I mean the quality is still there but something is still missing...
If the quality is still there (and I'll say SAO has too many stills/lazy work for my liking...) that something missing should have to do with they key staff working on the show (as well as the source/show itself more than anything else.

And yeah most of the key animation will be done in studio, obviously some episodes will get outsource (as well as backgrounds) but that is standard practice in the industry. Relentless the only thing that's going to stay the same is the top 1% of the staff, the grunt work changes completely in going from AIC Build to A-1 Pictures. That's not exactly outsourcing which is why I was confused @ you using that term.
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