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Originally Posted by willx View Post
I don't deny that is the case now, but most UC Gundam fans will generally take offense to the idea that their favored anime series is not "serious" and "made to sell toys" -- the very origins of the story, its initial popularity and the extensive world-building would seem to prove their point.

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Well, my favorite Gundam series are set in UC era...

SEED, Age, Wing are kind of stupid.

G Gundam is kind of funny, for kid.

I somehow didn't really like Gundam 00. I think the whole innovators thing are stupid...

And seriously, they all have pretty boys as the pilots. All those pretty boys are one-man-army type. How about a middle-age man war hardened man?

If there is romance involving the main protagonist, it's usually love triangle.

The story never ends well either.

The mobile suit itself is kind of impractical. I think it's driven by magic, not science.

And character like Char is so mysteriously popular...

And harem series is supposedly inferior and retard compared to the great Gundam shows...
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