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So... there are multiple endings to a game. Take Clannad and Air. The anime series got one ending. The movies got another ending. And with Clannad, some of the other endings got OVAs.
Endings in R;N works different then in standard VN. There is arc for each girl and only their endings cut story short. After credits game is resumed to start another "route". We had Nae arc skipped - really small relevance to story, Junna's was resolved and Frau's in latest episode. Two girls and 8 episodes left.
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In the end, the ending that you are used to viewing is prob the most profitable ending to animate. The anime is just a promotion for the franchise. They can say "Watch this ending and play the game for your favorite ending." or "Watch this ending and read the manga and buy the audio dramas for more from the ending that you like.".
Sales for both game and anime (1st vol. is out) are terrible. Nothing will help them.
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